Food labelling

All packaged food for sale must bear a label that complies with the requirements of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. The Code requires certain information to be provided on labels such as:

  • Name of food
  • Ingredient listing
  • Use-by or best-before dates
  • Storage and cooking instructions
  • Nutritional information panel.

There are some exemptions to the requirement for packaged foods to bear a label. The most common exemptions are if the food is:

  • Packaged in the presence of the customer
  • Packaged and displayed in an assisted service display cabinet
  • Made and sold from the same premises
  • Delivered packaged, and ready for consumption, at the express order of the purchaser.

Even if food is exempt from labelling, important information relating to allergens or food safety must be available either on display or on request of the purchaser.