Graffiti Management

The City removes reported graffiti from City controlled property and can also arrange for the removal of graffiti from private residential or commercial properties when the graffiti is visible from public space, with the owner’s permission.

The City’s Graffiti Removal Contractor is tasked to remove graffiti within two working days after receiving the graffiti report or one working day if the graffiti is offensive.

How to report graffiti

Report Graffiti Form

If the graffiti is located outside of the City of Joondalup boundaries you can report it on the Goodbye Graffiti Police Form.

Supporting WA Police graffiti investigations

The City provides location and graffiti tag details and photos for all graffiti removals that it completes to the WA Police. This information is entered into their Goodbye Graffiti database and used to inform Police operations and investigations targeting graffiti incidents and offenders.

Designing out crime

With the aim of reducing the vulnerability of the areas it manages to criminal damage the City includes designing out graffiti and other crime deterrent features in the way it designs and maintains public space. The Government of Western Australia’s Designing Out Crime Guidelines are also a key source of information for the planning of public areas to deter crime and encourage community use.

Local Graffiti Control Volunteers

Want to help get rid of unsightly graffiti in your local area? The local graffiti control volunteers focus on neighbourhood areas providing rapid targeted graffiti reporting. This program aims to empower local residents to have a positive impact on their local communities by informing the City about unreported graffiti in local areas, assisting with the City’s Graffiti Removal Service.

The City aims to align its graffiti management programs and activities with the State Government’s Tough on Graffiti Strategy 2015 – 2017.

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