Housing Opportunity Areas

Housing Opportunity Areas are the 10 areas identified in the City of Joondalup’s Local Housing Strategy and the City’s Local Planning Scheme No 3 as appropriate areas for increased density.

Since implementation of the Local Housing Strategy began in early 2016, landowners in Housing Opportunity Areas have been able to redevelop their properties in line with the higher densities allocated.

However, changes made to the State Government’s Residential Design Codes to remove average site areas for multiple dwellings and a lack of State Government support for a City of Joondalup initiative to restrict the development of multiple dwellings to sites 2,000 square metres or larger, have resulted in development outcomes in the Housing Opportunity Areas that were not originally envisaged by the City. Some residents are also concerned about the type of development currently occurring in Housing Opportunity Areas and called on the City to review how infill development is managed.

The City responded to these concerns by developing Draft New Development Standards for Housing Opportunity Areas which were endorsed by the Council at its meeting on 20 August 2019 for the purposes of community consultation.

The following documents form the draft new development standards:

The draft new developments will replace the standards of the City’s existing Residential Development Local Planning Policy. Therefore, the residential Development Local Planning Policy also needs to be amended to delete the standards relating to the Housing Opportunity Areas.

The City prepared several information documents to assist the community to understand the draft new development standards; these can be found via Documents and Downloads below.

The City also developed an interactive online tool showing development examples to assist with understanding the possible impact the draft new development standards could have on development outcomes in Housing Opportunity Areas. This tool uses six different development examples to show the key differences between the development possible under the previous planning framework and the development that could be possible under the draft new development standards.


Community consultation on the draft New Development Standards for Housing Opportunity Areas closed on 16 January 2020. The City is now reviewing all submissions received and will present the outcomes of the consultation to Council at a future meeting. If you made a submission as part of the consultation you will be notified ahead of the meeting.

If you require further information on the Draft New Development Standards for Housing Opportunity Areas, contact the City’s Planning Services team.