Housing opportunity areas

Housing opportunities area

New Planning Framework for Infill Development

The State Government has a strategy for the future development of Perth that aims to accommodate 47% of all new dwellings as infill development and has set residential infill targets for each local government. The City of Joondalup (the City) is required to have a Local Housing Strategy to show how the future housing needs of its community will be met and how it plans to achieve the residential infill target set for it by the State Government.

The City started developing its Local Housing Strategy in 2010 by identifying suitable areas for medium density. These areas are known as Housing Opportunity Areas (or HOAs) and were strategically selected, based on a set of criteria, including proximity to train stations, high frequency bus routes and activity centres.

Since early 2016, residents in HOAs have been able to redevelop their properties in line with the higher densities allocated to these areas. However, a number of residents are concerned about the development outcomes occurring in these areas and called on the City to review how infill development is managed. Council responded to these concerns by endorsing the preparation of a new planning framework (amendment to the City’s planning scheme and design-led local planning policy) for the City’s HOAs that requires a higher quality of design and better manages the impact of development on existing residents and streetscapes.

An expert external consultant project team has been assembled to conduct the review of the HOAs and will provide an independent report, with recommendations to the City on the development of the planning framework.

Have your say

The consultation phase of the review of the HOAs and the development of the new planning framework has been completed. The consultation program included the following:

  • Letter and flyer to 66,000 households within the City of Joondalup
  • Dedicated phoneline and email address
  • Dedicated project webpage containing all relevant information for the project including a detailed set of Frequently Asked Questions
  • Social media campaign
  • Online (and hard copy) survey – open from 24 September 2018 to 29 October 2018
  • Five listening posts
  • Five design workshops – Workshop Presentation
  • Industry forum
  • Meetings with City of Joondalup residents’ associations
  • Meetings with Local Members (both State and Commonwealth)
  • Meetings with relevant State Government departments and agencies
  • Submissions received from interested individuals

The community will have the opportunity to provide comment/feedback on the planning scheme amendment and local planning policy (likely to occur in the first quarter of 2019).

Next steps

The specialist consultant team will now review and analyse all submissions and completed surveys as well as feedback and comments obtained at the Listening Posts and the various meetings. This information, together with the outcomes of the Community Design Workshops, will be used by the consultant team to inform the preparation of the new draft Planning Framework. The new framework will be formally considered by Council in the first quarter of 2019 when Council will be requested to endorse the resulting planning scheme amendment and local planning policy for the purposes of statutory public consultation.

Further information on the project and the community consultation can be found in the General Information and FAQs.

Housing Opportunity Areas
Housing Opportunity Areas
Housing Area - 1 - Sequoia Rd/Telopia Dr to Warwick Grove Shopping Centre
Housing Area - 2 - Greenwood Village
Housing Area - 3 - Sorrento Laneways Lots
Housing Area - 4 - Marmion Avenue to Greenwood Station
Housing Area - 5 - Whitfords Centre to Whitfords Station
Housing Area - 6 - Whitfords Station to Goollelal Drive
Housing Area - 7 - Belridge Centre to Edgewater Station
Housing Area - 8 - Edgewater Station to Trappers Drive
Housing Area - 9 - Heathridge
Housing Area - 10 - East of Currambine Station