Home fire safety

Even if the fire front does not reach your home it can still be damaged by embers carried by intense winds. Embers can get into your home through gaps in roofs, walls, evaporative air conditioners, windows and doors. They can land on materials that easily burn and start a fire.

There are many ways you can help keep your home safe from fire:

  • Clear leaves, twigs, rubbish and other flammable material regularly from around your home
  • Check that roofs, gutters and walls of all buildings are free of flammable material
  • Trim branches that overhang the house or powerlines (consider high winds)
  • Cut long grass and dense scrub to no higher than 50mm
  • Ensure mains powered smoke alarms have been installed and check the back-up batteries annually
  • Have a home fire escape plan – Discuss with your family and neighbours
  • Ensure all family members know important emergency contact numbers
  • Never leave unattended lit cigarettes, candles, oil burners, open fireplaces and food cooking on the stove
  • Check appliances meet the approved Australian Standards and check them once a year
  • Protect your house from ember attack by fitting wire screens or shutters to windows, gutters, and evaporative air conditioners
  • Prepare an emergency kit and keep it handy
  • Review your insurance cover