Impounded vehicles

The City’s Parking Local Law states:

  • a driver shall not leave a vehicle, or any part of a vehicle, in a public place so that it obstructs the use of any part of that public place without the permission of the local government or unless authorised under any written law
  • a vehicle which is parked in any portion of a public place where vehicles may be lawfully parked, is deemed to cause an obstruction where:
    • the vehicle is parked for any period exceeding 24 hours
    • the vehicle is so parked during any period in which the parking of vehicles is prohibited or restricted by a sign
    • the vehicle is abandoned, unregistered or disused.

All vehicles that are impounded by the City are taken to the City’s contracted vehicle impounding area. Impounded vehicles may be recovered after paying the applicable costs for their removal and impounding, plus a daily custody fee.

If the vehicle owner believes their vehicle has been impounded, they should contact City Rangers during business hours. If it has been confirmed that the vehicle has been impounded, contact details for the City’s contractor will be provided by City Rangers administration at that time.

Details of the amount due from the City’s contractor should be sought prior to collection as the vehicle will not be released until the full amount due is paid. The owner of the vehicle will also be required  to provide proof of ownership, such as registration papers for the impounded vehicle.

Vehicles are unable to be driven from the impound yard and must be towed from the yard by tow truck. The vehicle owner is responsible for removal of the vehicle by tow truck.