Interlibrary lending – changes

From 1 September 2018, as a result of a joint review between the State Library of Western Australia and representatives from the Public Libraries WA Group, what can be requested via Public Libraries Interlibrary Loans has changed.

The following items cannot be requested on interlibrary loan:

  • No items less than 12 months old
  • No music CDs or DVDs
  • No multiple copies for book clubs

There are exceptions for people with special needs including disabilities, housebound and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds where books in languages other than English are needed.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Is there an interlibrary loan limit?
    There is no interlibrary loan limit per borrower per year.
  2. Can we request new items?
    Anything 12 months old or less cannot be requested. This includes all categories and formats.
  3. Can we request DVDs, music CDs or audiobooks?
    DVDs and CDs cannot be requested. This includes fiction and nonfiction.
  4. Can we request Junior or young adult items?
    The exclusion of junior and young adult items was revised in 2019 and items can now be requested if they are older than 12 months
  5. Can we request/lend materials in Languages other than English (LOTE)?
    LOTE items are exempted from the restrictions. They can be requested regardless of age.

Purchase requests

Some unfulfilled interlibrary requests may be considered for purchase by the Librarians. These are assessed against a criteria, then ordered by staff to be added to the library collection as locally owned stock.

Not all requests are purchased. The criteria for purchase are:

  • Item has been published or released in the last five years or is a classic
  • Item is experiencing high demand or interest
  • Item fills a subject or series gap in the current collection
  • Item must be due for publication within three months, otherwise you can resubmit the request closer to the publication date

Members can make purchase requests after logging in to the library catalogue.

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Relevant formats for people with Disabilities. Access to information for people with disabilities in a format that will enable them to access the information as readily as other people are able to access it – as per Disability Service Regulations 2004.