Invitation Art Prize

Sunday 13 – Sunday 27 October
Westfield Whitford City

The City of Joondalup Invitation Art Prize (IAP) featured the work of Western Australian artists working in a broad range of mediums.

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah
‘To Dream a Good Luck Dream’
Painted wood, sheepskin
250 x 1400 x 1400
Christine Baker
‘The River’
Acrylic on canvas
900 x 900
Nathan Beard
‘Floral Arrangement’
Inkjet print with embellishments
750 x 1000
Ebony Blackley
Oil on linen
1470 x 1100
Cathy Blanchflower
‘Lithic IV’
Oil on canvas
1370 x 1370
Acquired by the City of Joondalup Art Collection
Bruno Booth
‘Can You Even Hot-Wheels’
Acrylic polymer paint on canvas
1180 x 1190
Nathan Brooker
‘Stone, iPhone 6S and Oil’
Oil on panel
1500 x 1000
Michelle Campbell
‘Urban Shadows’
Oil on canvas
1430 x 1170
Paul Caporn
Acrylic on board
1200 x 1600
Susanna Castleden
‘Poles and Directions’
Gesso, watercolour, screen print on paper
800 x 1170
Jennifer Cochrane
‘Big Picture’
Powder coated steel, wooden picture frame
730 x 850
Fiona Harman
‘Swim to the Surface’
Oil on canvas
1020 x 1400
Acquired by the City of Joondalup Art Collection
Pablo Hughes
‘Mirror Mirror’
Digital print, paint, plasterboard, glass, mirror
Dimensions variable
Paul Kaptein
‘Mute Figure #10 (Sunset Selfies at The Great Attractor)’
Hand-carved wood, graphite, ink
800 x 410 x 280
Winner: Overall Prize
Desmond Mah
‘Monkey’s Death’
Incense, acrylic, mixed media on board
1200 x 900
Justin Martin
‘Window of Moiety’
Digital print on glass
990 x 990
Lucille Martin
‘Guernica Now – A Universal Message’
Photo-media on metal panel
580 x 980
Minaxi May
Washi tape, glue, epoxy resin on board
1030 x 1030
Dan McCabe
‘-31.499398, 115.583976’
Acrylic sheeting on metal panel
1165 x 830
Rebecca Morgan-Finch
‘Of Psalms and Shadows’
Oil on linen
1017 x 1525
Ron Nyisztor
‘A Picture of – The Picture of Dorian Gray’
Oil on canvas
1500 x 1600
Perdita Phillips
‘Natura Autem Vivit, Sed Occisio de Felibus’
Cyanotype print (edition of 3)
925 x 1310
Acquired by the City of Joondalup Art Collection
Jody Quackenbush
‘Self-Portrait as Camille Claudel (Strong Garment No. III)’
Fabric, giclee print
Dimensions variable
Andy Quilty
’32°21’43.48’’S 115°47’00.95”E’
Laser cut woodblock print on paper
750 x 1050
Nicole Slatter and Bruce Slatter
‘Suburban Entropy’
Oil on canvas
1200 x 1540
Liliana Stafford
‘A Weighted Blanket of Many Colours’
Wire, steel, knitting pins
1300 x 1400 x 200
Declan White
‘Sturt Desert Pea Flowers in the Desert’
Ink on paper
910 x 610
Desmond Woodley
‘Untitled (Noongar Country)’
Acrylic on canvas
660 x 1000
Acquired by Art Angels


All measurements are in millimeters and listed as height, width, followed by depth for three-dimensional works.

The winning artwork received $25,000 in prize money, and the City acquired the artwork for its art collection.

As part of the public program attached to the exhibition, the city will run workshops by participating artists:

Perdita Phillips: Cyanotype photographic workshop, Sunday 3 November

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Save the Date

Professional Western Australian artists will be invited to submit an expression of interest for consideration of the 2020 Invitation Art Prize.

Expressions of Interest: Sunday 1 March – Friday 1 May 2020