Joondalup City Centre Place Activation Plan

The City is preparing a Place Activation Plan for the core of the Joondalup City Centre to provide guidance on how the City can work with business and community for greater activation and vibrancy of the area.

The Place Activation Plan will define a vision for the place and outline a series of initiatives specific to the core of the Joondalup City Centre that can be implemented to activate the area and foster vibrancy and growth. The initiatives will be used to inform investment and operational and capital works projects for the community and the City of Joondalup.

Throughout the development of the Place Activation Plan, the City will be seeking input from the local community, businesses, users and visitors of the centre, to understand the local values and establish a vision for the city centre.

This is a pilot project intended to establish a framework and process for developing activation plans in other places and neighbourhoods across the City.

Getting involved

The development of the Joondalup City Centre Place Activation Plan will involve extensive community and stakeholder consultation. There will be opportunities to get involved in early 2021. Register your interest by completing the online form below.

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