Library borrowing

Borrowing limits

All family members can have their own library card and borrow up to 15 items each. You can borrow library items for 28 days.


Items can be borrowed and returned to any of the Joondalup Libraries. For your convenience, each library branch offers 24/7 return option.

Library items are due back at close of business on the due day. Items returned after close of business are considered overdue.


A maximum of two renewals is allowed, but only if another library member hasn’t reserved the item. This can give you up to 12 weeks to enjoy your loans.

To ensure items are not overdue, these options for renewing library items may be of assistance.


The City provides reminders to borrowers:

  • Loan transaction receipt
  • Three day loan reminder – email only
  • One day overdue loan reminder – email only
  • Three day overdue loan reminder – post or email.

Email notifications

Many email providers now have folders for bulk mail and/or spam. The library’s emails are considered “bulk mail” and may be sent to these folders. To ensure you receive all emails from the library, please be sure to authorise the library’s email address: so you don’t miss any eNewsletters or important notices.


Joondalup libraries offer a predominantly free service, however, loss or damage to items or membership cards and late return of loans may incur charges.

Overdue fines

Joondalup libraries charge 25 cents per item, per day for any loans returned late. Overdue fines do not apply to eBooks or downloaded titles, however, members will not be allowed to access some digital content with over $10.00 in fines against their membership.

A library member can continue to use all library services so long as their fines or charges don’t add up to $10.00 or more.

Lost or damaged items

Accidents happen and sometimes you may be asked to pay for a lost or damaged library item. Some of the common ways items get damaged include water damage, sand, food spills, scribbles, animal and baby chews.

If you know you have lost or damaged a library item, let library staff know as soon as possible to avoid additional overdue fines.

Debt collection

Please note that Joondalup libraries will employ Debt Collection services if accounts remain unpaid. The City will commence cost recovery in the following ways:

  • 28 day overdue invoice
  • 56 day overdue referral to Debt Collection services.

A library member cannot borrow until charges are paid in full.


Payments can be made online or at your library.

Lost membership cards

Lost membership cards can be replaced for a small fee of $6.00.