Littering and dumping of illegal waste

Littering is the dumping of any household rubbish including furniture items, garden refuse, building or fencing materials.

Illegal dumping relates to the disposal of items likely to be toxic or dangerous to the environment or persons such as chemical waste, batteries, dumping of oil or paint products.

City Officers investigate all offences relating to littering and the dumping of illegal waste and will prosecute offenders who fail to dispose of their rubbish in a responsible manner.

Prescribed offences and penalties for littering and dumping  is a minimum of:

  • $200.00 for an individual
  • $500.00 for a Body Corporate.

Fines of $500.00 apply to the dumping of litter that creates a public risk such as drugs/chemicals, broken glass, tyres, batteries and needles.

If you witness an incident of littering or illegal dumping, try to note down:

  • Vehicle description including registration details
  • Description of person or persons involved
  • Location of the incident
  • Date/time incident witnessed
  • What type of litter has been dumped
  • A contact number in case City Rangers require further information
  • Take a photograph if safe to do so.

Report littering or dumping