Local government education

School classes are invited to visit the City’s Civic Centre as a component of their study of Civics and Citizenship to learn more about local government and the community.

Student outcomes

Visit the council chambers and learn:

  • how local government works
  • about the services it provides to the community
  • taking part in a mock election
  • the difference between local laws and state laws
  • about elected members and council officers and their roles in the community
  • about their families’ role in determining the type of community in which they wish to live.

Local History tour

A tour of Joondalup Library, featuring the Local History collection, can be incorporated into your class visit. This provides a practical example of a local government service.

Public artwork

The public artwork surrounding the Civic Centre and its relationship to Joondalup is also a feature of this excursion.

Getting there

Transport can be provided. For more information contact the School Liaison Officer.

Teaching resources

Worksheets are available for use either before or after the visit.

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