Local Housing Strategy and Housing Opportunity Areas

The Local Housing Strategy (LHS) provides a rationale to cater for population growth, provide for the future housing needs within the City of Joondalup, and meet residential infill targets (essentially increasing the amount of housing in existing suburbs) set by the State Government.

Rather than take an ad-hoc approach to increasing densities, key criteria were used to identify suitable areas, specifically areas within close proximity to key public transport corridors and major activity centres. Ten areas were identified where increased residential densities are appropriate at this time. These are called Housing Opportunity Areas.

The LHS was subject to significant public consultation. This included consultation with all residents, with feedback during consultation considered in the finalisation of the LHS.

The final LHS was endorsed by the Western Australian Planning Commission on 12 November 2013.

To implement the LHS, an amendment was made to the City’s planning scheme and associated local planning policies were developed.

Developing in Housing Opportunity Areas

Properties in Housing Opportunity Areas have two densities allocated to them, for example R20/40. This is called a dual density code. The effect of the dual density code is that an owner will only be able to redevelop their properties at the higher density code if they develop in accordance with requirements of the Residential Development Local Planning Policy. This is to ensure that developments are based on good design principles, result in improved streetscapes, and do not unduly affect the amenity of existing neighbourhoods.

While the City can provide general advice on the requirements that may apply to specific lots, land owners wishing to redevelop their properties may need to engage the service of a suitably qualified draftsperson or architect to assist in designing their development and with the development application process.

If a land owner is seeking to subdivide a property a suitably qualified land surveyor, planning or subdivision consultant can assist with the preparation of applications for subdivision.

The City is unable to provide advice or commitment on whether a proposal is likely to be supported without an application first being lodged for assessment.

Please note that draft changes to development in Housing Opportunity Areas is currently being progressed. Further information can be found here.

Housing Opportunity Area Maps

Housing Opportunity Areas
Housing Area - 1 - Sequoia Rd/Telopia Dr to Warwick Grove Shopping Centre
Housing Area - 2 - Greenwood Village
Housing Area - 3 - Sorrento Laneways Lots
Housing Area - 4 - Marmion Avenue to Greenwood Station
Housing Area - 5 - Whitfords Centre to Whitfords Station
Housing Area - 6 - Whitfords Station to Goollelal Drive
Housing Area - 7 - Belridge Centre to Edgewater Station
Housing Area - 8 - Edgewater Station to Trappers Drive
Housing Area - 9 - Heathridge
Housing Area - 10 - Currambine Station