Lodge Terms and Conditions

The use of the Planning, Building and Health Application Search and Lodgement Service (“the Service”) is subject to the acceptance of these Terms of Use (“Terms”):

  1. Users must not rely on Accuracy of information. Whilst the City of Joondalup (the City) endeavours to update information within the Service on a regular basis, the information is provided as a general guide only and may be subject to change or may contain errors. The City does not guarantee the accuracy of information obtained from the Service. You should therefore not rely on the accuracy of any information obtained from the Service without verifying the accuracy of that information from external sources. Further information in relation to decisions issued by the City may be obtained at the City of Joondalup Administration. Accurate lot information can be obtained from the Western Australian Land Information Authority (Landgate).
  2. Changes to Agreement and Service. The City may vary the terms at any time by posting the varied terms on its website. The varied terms will take effect immediately after any variation is posted on the website. The version of the terms currently on the website at any time governs your use of the Service. If you continue to use the Service, your continued use will constitute acceptance of the terms and any variations to it. The City reserves the right to change any aspect of the Service, including modifying, suspending, replacing or terminating the Service as well as imposing any fee for access to the Service. The City will have no liability to you if the Service is modified, suspended, replaced or terminated. You agree to waive all rights you may have against the City in respect of any such action taken by the City.
  3. Indemnity. It is a condition of use that you indemnify the City against claims for any loss or damage resulting from your use of any information obtained from the Service, regardless of whether the loss or damage is caused by inaccuracy of the information, the negligence of the City or by any other means.
  4. Application Records. The Service does not provide a property history and should not be relied upon as a complete record of planning, building or health applications. Copies of decisions should be obtained from the City to confirm records.
  5. Use of Information. By accepting the terms, you agree that the information you obtain from the website will not be used for commercial purposes. The City will not be held responsible for any such use by an external party.
  6. Your Information. Your information includes any information, including personal information you provide in relation to the Service. You agree that all information you provide is complete, accurate and current, and that you will take all steps necessary to maintain completeness, accuracy and currency of your information at all times including amending your information as soon as practicable after it changes