NBN Joondalup Business Fibre Zone

Joondalup is one of 27 nbnTM Business Fibre Zones in Western Australia which offers zero cost design and construction of business-grade fibre to a significant number of business within the City of Joondalup.

The service represents NBN Co’s fastest symmetrical wholesale product with a 99.95% network availability uptime target designed to optimise network reliability and reduce downtime for business.

The opportunity for local businesses to have access to the Business Fibre Zone aligns with the City’s objective to further develop Joondalup as a digital City.

The increasing growth of physical and digital infrastructure within the City’s boundaries will further enhance the capability of the priority sectors – health and medical; cyber security; automation and robotics; innovation and technology; and education.

The nbnTM Business Fibre Zone is now available to a number of business within the City of Joondalup. View the indicative zone map to see if your business is within the eligible zone.

For further information on the nbnTM Business Fibre Zone visit the NBN Co website or contact the Economic Development Team to discuss how your business can benefit.