Meet Your Neighbour Project

Meet Your Neighbour project

We look forward to resuming the Meet Your Neighbour project in Spring 2022. Hosts that plan a neighbourhood gathering will have access to invitations, sporting equipment and outdoor games to help make their gathering a success.

The essence of the Meet Your Neighbour Project is to gather, make new friends and build community spirit within your area.

While this may be difficult during the current social distancing requirements, we encourage you to look for new ways to stay connected within your community.

Every day is Neighbour Day Neighbour Day

Neighbour Day is traditionally held on the last Sunday in March every year, it’s the perfect day to say thanks for being a great neighbour and for being there when needed the most.

Neighbour Day connects people and communities across Australia – one relationship at a time.

Staying connected with our neighbours during COVID-19 is easier than you think. Here are some creative ways to connect while still maintaining social distancing: grab a cuppa by the kerb, go for a wellness walk together, or maybe start an online book club.

Check out more creative connections at Neighbourhood Connect.

Make every day Neighbour Day!