Noise – intruder alarms

Alarms can be an effective way to improve home security, deter potential burglars and protect property from theft. However, false alarms and faulty security systems can disturb your neighbours.

Property owners who seek to protect their home by installing an audible intruder alarm should consider the following:

  • The alarm has been installed by a licensed security agent
  • You are familiar with your alarm system and can operate it correctly
  • The alarm has auxiliary power backup
  • The alarm system is maintained in proper working order and serviced at least once every 12 months
  • The alarm is in a location that minimises the possibility of damage or interference
  • The length of the siren is limited to a maximum of 10 minutes
  • The sound level of an external siren is limited to 90 dB(A), one metre from the perimeter of the building
  • Arranging a friend or family member, preferably someone that lives close, to disarm and service a faulty alarm should a problem occur whilst you are away from home

If you are disturbed by an alarm that is faulty or operating intermittently, an Environmental Health Officer may be contacted for assistance.

WA Police have powers to enter any premises where an alarm has been sounding for 30 minutes. They can enter the premises and arrange for the alarm to be deactivated and the cost can be recovered from the owner of the house or business.