Obtrusive Outdoor Lighting

When considering outdoor lighting for your property, it should be positioned in such a way that it does not impose on adjoining properties and public spaces with due regard given to the requirements of AS4282-2019 Control of the obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting (not available from the City).

Where outdoor lighting spills into adjoining properties, the impact can be negative and may cause an annoyance, or distraction and discomfort.

The following should be taken into account with the installation of outdoor lighting:

  • Is the lighting required in that specific location, or can it be installed in a less obtrusive part of the property
  • Any outdoor lighting should be directed downward and towards the area you wish to illuminate.
  • The use of shielded lights is recommended to direct light on the intended area
  • The higher the outdoor lighting is installed, the less light spill it may create
  • The amount of illumination should be appropriate for the area that is intended to be illuminated.

For further information refer to the Obtrusive Outdoor Lighting Guidelines.