Community safety partners

Adopt-a-Spot in the City of Joondalup

The City has partnered with the Keep Australia Beautiful Council of WA to expand their Adopt-a-Spot program beyond litter collection to encourage residents to report graffiti, abandoned vehicles, illegal dumping, damaged assets and other issues to maintain the visual amenity of local areas. Register with Adopt-a-Spot and you’ll receive assistance from the Keep Australia Beautiful Council of WA and the City of Joondalup to keep your local area looking good. This initiative is run in cooperation with the Neighbourhood Watch WA program.

Neighbourhood Watch WA

Neighbourhood Watch WA has evolved to have a very local focus on deterring and reporting crime, getting to know your neighbours and taking simple steps that can make your home and street less vulnerable to crime. Get tips on the following from this WA Police coordinated program:

  • General property perimeter and home security
  • Vehicle security
  • Marking of valuable and portable items to deter theft and aid recovery and return by WA Police
  • Reporting hoon vehicle activity
  • Security of your home and valuables while you are travelling.

Constable Care Child Safety Foundation

The City supports the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation to deliver life skills presentations or performances in local primary schools to provide children with personal safety and decision making skills. These performances are delivered by professional actors and are themed to address specific issues including self-respect, deterring graffiti, preventing bullying, establishing protective behaviours and developing cultural awareness.

Safety House WA

This Safety House WA program operates from a significant number of local primary schools and provides safe locations within the community where children can go in times of duress. The City’s support for the Safety House WA program assists with educational resources, maps, signage and child safety shows for local children so that they may develop personal safety and danger awareness skills. You can register as a home or business property Safety House or get your school involved through their parents/citizens association.