Outdoor eating areas (alfresco activities)

Outdoor or ‘alfresco’ eating refers to an area in which tables, chairs and other structures are provided for the consumption of food or drink on public land, such as within the verge, adding vibrancy and activity to an area.

Certain approvals are required before a business can provide an outdoor eating area. The City assesses applications for outdoor eating areas by considering the potential effect of such use on the amenity, function and character of an area.

Planning requirements

Where the alfresco dining (outdoor eating) proposal meets all the provisions of the Alfresco-Activities-Local-Planning-Policydevelopment (planning) approval will not be required. Instead, to confirm that development (planning) approval is not required, a completed Alfresco Activities Self-Assessment Checklist is required to be submitted with your Outdoor Eating Permit (see below) for review by the City.

Development (planning) approval will be required for an alfresco dining proposal where it does not comply with the provisions of the City’s Alfresco Local Planning Policy. Please refer to the Development (Planning) Approval Checklist – Alfresco Activities for application requirements.

Fees to submit an application for development (planning) approval are in accordance with the Planning Services Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Environmental health requirements

An Outdoor Eating Permit is also required to operate an outdoor eating area that is located on public land, such as footpaths. Details that are required to be submitted with a new application are available within the City’s Outdoor Eating Checklist.

Outdoor Eating Permits are required to be issued annually.

Application, Permit and Use of Land fees can be viewed in the Environmental Health Schedule of Fees and Charges.