Overdue library loans

When library items are lost, damaged or not returned it’s an expense to the Joondalup libraries and an inconvenience for other library users. For these reasons, Joondalup libraries charge overdue fines when library items are returned late.

As a courtesy, the City provides reminders to borrowers:

  • Loan transaction receipt
  • Three day loan reminder – email only
  • One day overdue loan reminder – email only
  • Three day overdue loan reminder – post or email.

Should an item not be returned the City will commence cost recovery in the following ways:

  • 28 day overdue invoice
  • 56 day overdue referral to Debt Collection services.

Borrowers will be charged an additional, nonrefundable debt collection charge of $12.80 which is payable even if the items are returned.


To ensure items are not overdue, these options for renewing library items may be of assistance.

Email notifications

Many email providers now have folders for bulk mail and/or spam. The library’s emails are considered “bulk mail” and may be sent to these folders. To ensure you receive all emails from the library, please be sure to authorise the library’s email address: libraries@joondalup.wa.gov.au so you won’t miss any eNewsletters or important notices.