Parking for people with disabilities

Disability or accessible parking is available throughout the City of Joondalup. If an easy access bay is not available, disability parking permit holders can park in a standard parking bay and still receive the concessions provided by the City.

Disability parking permits

The following permits are recognised by the City:

  • Western Australian disability parking permits, which consist of two separate parts – the Australian Disability Parking Permit and the ACROD Parking Program Card (both parts must be displayed).
  • Interstate and overseas permits.

The following conditions apply for a permit to be valid:

  • The permit must be current.
  • The expiry date and permit number must be clearly visible from outside the front of the vehicle.
  • The permit holder is present in the vehicle at the time of parking.

Fee-payable areas

  • Parking tickets must be purchased in paid parking areas.
  • Concession provides twice the time purchased (for instance one hour parking restriction allows two hours of parking).

Time restricted areas

Areas with a parking restriction of:

  • less than 30 minutes – Concession provides a maximum parking time of 30 minutes
  • between 30 and 60 minutes – Concession provides a maximum parking time of two hours
  • over one hour – Concession provides a maximum time that is double the amount of time shown on the sign.