Infringement appeal – parking infringement

It is recognised that occasionally there may be mitigating circumstances which are not apparent at the time the infringement is issued.  Persons who have received an infringement, and believe there are mitigating circumstances, may appeal the infringement.

However there are circumstances where the City will not withdraw an infringement. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Appointment did not finish on time
  • A phone call was too important
  • Meeting went longer than expected
  • Did not see the sign
  • Sign was confusing.

A request to review a parking infringement should be lodged as soon as possible after receiving an infringement, to prevent further action.  The City will only accept a request from the driver of the vehicle to which the infringement relates. Requests will not be accepted verbally over the phone.

Vehicle owners may nominate the driver by completing the relevant sections of the appeal form below.

Infringement Appeal Form