Rates payment options

How rates can be paid

  • In full within 28 days
  • In full within 35 days
  • By instalment
  • By special payment arrangement.

Paying in full within 28 days

By paying in full before 10.00pm WST on 16 August 2019 you will go in to the running to win one of the prize packs offered in the Rates Prize Draw.

Paying in full within 35 days

You can opt to pay your rates within 35 days of issue of your Rate Notice. The due date is listed on your Rate Notice. If you choose this option, you will not be eligible for the Rates Prize Draw.

Instalment options

Paying by instalment enables you to break your rates bill up into two or four smaller payments over a longer period of time. Please note that fees apply for paying your rates by instalment.

The instalment options and conditions are on your Rate Notice.

If an instalment amount is overpaid or accidentally paid more than once, the overpaid amount can simply be credited towards your next instalment. If you wish the amount to be refunded to you, an administration fee of $11.00 (inc GST) will be charged, which will be taken off the refunded amount.

You can choose to change from instalments at any time during the financial year to either:

  • Pay the balance in full. The ‘cost of option’ (as shown on your Rate Notice) must also be paid; or
  • Pay by special payment arrangement (refer to option 4).

In addition, if you have paid the first instalment by the due date and been locked into an instalment plan, a subsequent failure to pay 2 consecutive instalments by their respective due dates may result in the City revoking the right to pay the balance of your rates by instalments and the full balance owing will then be due.  Any amounts outstanding after the due date may be recovered by legal action.

Special payment arrangement

If you are unable to pay your rates in full or according to the instalment plans offered by the City, a special payment arrangement can be set up to take weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments (via direct debit only) from your bank account.

A special arrangement direct debit form is included with your Rate Notice. An administration fee of $34.00 applies for each special payment arrangement. Late payment interest of 11% per annum will apply on any outstanding balance until the account is cleared (excluding fully entitled pensioners/seniors).

If you are unable to make a special arrangement via Direct Debit, a manual payment arrangement can be requested here. However, if the conditions of the arrangement are not adhered to, the arrangement will be cancelled and the full amount will become due and payable including any accrued penalty interest.

Please be aware a surcharge of 0.5% will apply to credit card payments made by Visa or Mastercard.