Pedestrian accessway closure applications

An application can be made to the City to close a pedestrian accessway (PAW).

There are a number of factors that are considered by the City when assessing the application, as set out in the closure of pedestrian accessways policy.

Generally, if an accessway forms part of a strategic link to community facilities such as bus stops, railway stations, shops or parks, or if it forms part of a safe and convenient pedestrian/cycle network, it is unlikely the closure will be supported.

Before making an application, you will need to speak to the landowners adjoining the PAW first to see if they agree with the idea of closing the PAW. In order for the closure application to be considered, the land must be able to be purchased and divided among the adjoining landowners, otherwise it cannot be closed.

The City conducts regular checks of all the roads and footpaths to ensure they are in good condition.

Report a hazard to the City

The fees are in accordance with the Schedule of Fees and Charges.