Pedestrian Accessway Planting and Maintenance

City residents who own a property adjoining a Pedestrian/Public Accessway (PAW) and wish to plant and maintain the Pedestrian/Public Accessway (PAW) adjoining their residence can apply (via a two-part process, refer below) to be added to the City’s Pedestrian Accessway Planting and Maintenance Register.

Approval is subject to the expressed support of all property owners adjoining the PAW.

Vegetation species/type will also require approval by the City prior to any planting being undertaken.

Maintenance of the PAW adjacent to the registered properties will not be undertaken by the City; the applicants agree to maintain the PAW adjoining the registered properties in accordance with the City’s Property Local Law.

Chemical weed control will not be undertaken within the PAW by either the City or the registrants.

The City will support one application per Pedestrian/Public Accessway (first in first served basis).

Registrations are valid for two years from the date of the application, with the City undertaking six-monthly inspections.

Step One

  1. The Lead Applicant is responsible for completing the online application form nominating the PAW to be planted and maintained, and submitting the form to the City for assessment.
  2. The City will review the application and determine the suitability for the identified PAW for inclusion on the City’s Pedestrian Accessway Planting and Maintenance
  3. The Lead Applicant will be advised in writing within 14 days of the City’s decision and if supported in principle the City will:
  • Provide the Lead Applicant with a hard copy application form (to obtain written approval from all adjoining property owners). Where a property is rented/tenanted, the lead applicant is to seek the written support of the property owner/s.
  • Request the Lead Applicant to develop a planting plan in alignment with the guidelines which are available on the City’s website. Information on approved plant material can be found within the City’s Growing Locals and Street Verge Guidelines brochures.

Step Two

The Lead Applicant must submit to the City for review:

  1. The hard copy application form demonstrating written support (signatures) of all property owners adjoining the PAW.
  2. A planting plan of proposed works.

The City will then review the application form and planting plan and will contact the Lead Applicant in writing advising whether works can proceed.

Additional information

No work is to commence without the approval of the City; in doing so parties may be in breach of the Local Government and Public Property Local Law and penalties may apply.

Registration to the Pedestrian Accessway Planting and Maintenance Register requires all applicants to commit to:

  • Maintaining the PAW in a safe, good and tidy condition.
  • Keeping footpaths clear of landscaping and trip hazards.
  • Not using any chemical weed control.
  • Adhering to the Local Government and Public Property Local Law including planting of approved species only.
  • Maintaining a one metre plant clearance zone from any City or public utility infrastructure such as, but not limited to, lighting, street signs, traffic signs, control boxes, etc.
  • Indemnifying the City against damage to people or property as a result of the works undertaken in the PAW.
  • Reinstating the planting following works undertaken by the City or other service authorities.

and note that:

  • Built structures, staking, plants with thorns and the planting of trees is not permitted.
  • The City is not liable for any damage or vandalism to plants or landscaping treatments.
  • The City will not supply plants, mulch or other landscaping materials to undertake the works.
  • The City will not provide financial or practical assistance to undertake the works.
  • The Pedestrian Accessway Planting and Maintenance Register does not apply to parks, reserves, or natural areas.
  • Residents and stakeholders are responsible for the planting and maintenance of the PAW in its entirety (i.e. not just the section/s immediately adjoining their property).
  • It is the responsibility of the applicants to pay for any damage caused to private, City or public utility infrastructure during the planting and maintenance process. If any damage or disturbance occurs to infrastructure, ensure you contact the City immediately.
  • Residents and stakeholders must reapply every two years to ensure the continuing support of the adjoining property owners.

Please note that the City and service authorities, such as the Water Corporation, Telstra and Alinta Gas, may have access and rights over some portion/s of the PAW under State or Federal Legislation and may undertake works which may disturb any of these treated PAWs in gaining the necessary access to their utilities. The City/other service authorities may at any time require landscaping with PAW be repaired or removed as per the provisions contained in the Local Government (Uniform Local Provisions) Regulations 1996 or any other written law. It should be noted that if access is required to these services the landscaping treatment may not be reinstated.