Student safety resources

Constable Care life skills presentations

The City supports the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation in providing a range of educational and awareness raising activities for school students.

These presentations can be puppet shows or drama performances conducted in local primary schools.

They cover a range of themes including :

  • Self respect
  • Graffiti deterrence
  • Bullying awareness
  • Manners
  • Decision making
  • Online safety
  • Protective behaviours
  • Personal safety
  • Other issues that can be encountered by young people

Theatrical Response Group (TRG)

The TRG provides tailored activities including interactive drama presentations in which young people get involved, role play and deal with decision making and consequences around current issues including:

  • Binge drinking
  • Violence
  • Safe partying
  • Online safety
  • Bullying awareness

Your class can attend one-off performances or term length intensive courses where your students will:

  • Explore an issue
  • Develop a script
  • Participate in a drama performance involving teachers and parents

The Safety House Program

This program is supported by the City in local suburbs. This program raises awareness about personal safety in a range of situations including when travelling to and from school.