Pesticide Exclusion Register

City residents and/or property owners wishing to exclude the verge immediately abutting their property/residence from chemical weed control can apply to be added to the City’s Pesticide Exclusion Register using the form below.

A tenant may apply for inclusion on the Register, however, must provide written confirmation from the property owner.

By completing this application, chemical weed control within the road reserve (verge and kerbline) abutting the registered property will not be undertaken by the City. The property owner/occupier agrees to maintain the verge abutting the registered property in accordance with the City’s Street Verge Guidelines and Property Local Law; eg. keep the permissible verge treatment in a good and tidy condition.

Registrations are valid until 30 June each year. Residents and stakeholders must reapply each year by submitting a new application form; inclusion on the Register will not be reinstated unless a new application is submitted to the City. Please note that annual reminder notices will not be provided and it is the registrant’s responsibility to reapply for inclusion on the Register each year.

Requests to be removed from the Pesticide Exclusion Register must be made to the City in writing.

Registration to the Pesticide Exclusion Register requires the resident to commit to:

  • Maintaining their verge in a good and tidy condition, including weed removal
  • Re-register at 30 June each year to remain on the Pesticide Exclusion Register
  • Adhere to the City’s Street Verge Guidelines.
  • Understanding that the Pesticide Exclusion Register does not apply to parks, reserves or natural areas
  • For tenanted properties, written confirmation from the property owner approving inclusion on the Register must be provided.
  • That Main Roads WA roads are exempt from registration