Pesticide use

The majority of the City’s pesticide use consists of applying herbicide for weed control and applying insecticides to manage certain insect pests. Herbicides are used to eliminate weeds to meet the community’s expectations for functional and aesthetically appealing parks, public open spaces, sports surfaces, natural areas and facilities.

The City’s Pesticide Use Notification Plan provides information on the City’s management of pesticide applications in public places that are owned or managed by the City, including works undertaken by City staff and contractors.

Pesticide application is undertaken in line with the Department of Health’s document Guidelines for the Safe Use of Pesticides in Non-Agricultural Workplaces. Only City approved pesticides are applied on land owned or managed by the City.

The City complies with specifications of pesticide labels and permits issued by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, including additional warnings and safety protocols. All signage displayed will be in accordance with the Department of Health Pesticide Regulations Signage Requirements.

The City is committed to ensuring that pesticide use is justified, minimised and the lowest toxicity of pesticides is used to achieve the desired outcome in an effective and efficient manner, minimising potential harm to the community and the environment.

Pesticide notification

Notification of spraying activities will be based on the type of chemical control (unscheduled or scheduled) undertaken.

Scheduled chemical weed control program

Scheduled control is carried out at set intervals and requires planning due to the larger areas of spraying required.

Residents who register for inclusion on the City’s Pesticide Notification Register (refer section 8 of the Pesticide Use Notification Plan) will receive an automated notification (via text message or email) at least 24 hours prior to application.

Pesticide Use Notification Register

Unscheduled chemical weed control

Chemical weed control is a secondary action resulting from streetscape, park and natural area maintenance activities. Spraying is undertaken (if required) at the time of these activities. It is intended that this will involve minimal spot spraying of weeds.

All registrations are valid until 30 June each year. Residents and stakeholders must reapply each year by submitting a new application form; inclusion on the Register will not be reinstated unless a new application is submitted to the City. Please note that annual reminder notices will not be provided and it is the registrant’s responsibility to reapply for inclusion on the Register each year.

Spraying activities are subject to weather and operational resources.

Further information is contained on the Glyphosate web page.