Public art

Coral Lowry, ‘Kiss before parting’, Burns Beach 2008, Commissioned by PEET Ltd, Land Developer

The City’s Public Art Policy applies to City initiated projects.

The City’s current Public Art Collection contains artworks including mosaics, murals, sculptures, street bollards, architectural details and street furniture. The majority of these artworks are located in and around the Joondalup City Centre.

The most recent City Public Art projects include works by:

  • 2018: Phil Gamblen, Penistone Park
  • 2017: Paula Hart, Warwick Hockey Centre
  • 2016: Brandon Ballengee, Grand Boulevard
  • 2015: Geoffrey Drake-Brockman, Central Walk
  • 2011: Kate McMillan, Seacrest Park Community Sporting Facility
  • 2009: Bridget Norton, Craigie Leisure Centre
  • 2004: Jon Tarry, Kingsley Memorial Clubrooms
  • 2001: Kevin Draper, Central Park

For further information please contact the City on 9400 4924 or email.