Public statements

The City encourages public participation in its decision-making process, either by asking questions or making statements at Council meetings or Briefing Sessions.

In person public statements to a Briefing Session must relate to a matter listed on the Briefing Session Agenda. In person public statements to a Council meeting can relate to any matter the City has responsibility for.

A maximum of two minutes per public statement is provided to ensure maximum participation at a meeting. Statements cannot be submitted beforehand and preference will be given to those persons who register their intent on the night of the meeting to make a statement.

Those persons wish to make a public statement at a Council or Briefing Session should register their request on the register provided outside the meeting location. Time permitting, opportunity may also be offered to members of the public who have not registered their request and who may be in attendance.

For further information please view the Procedures for Strategy Sessions Briefing Sessions and Council Committee Meetings and Briefing Sessions and Council Meetings Frequently Asked Questions.