Parking restrictions and signs

Parking restrictions are necessary to provide safe, efficient and equitable access for all drivers and to improve traffic flow. These restrictions are enforced under the City’s Parking Local Law.

To avoid receiving an infringement notice, please:

  • read the parking signs thoroughly
  • check  the times you are allowed to park
  • park your vehicle within the parking bay lines and/or permitted area
  • carry sufficient coins for the purchase of a ticket that will cover the time you need to park including while you are away getting more change
  • display a valid parking ticket, where required, so that it is clearly visible from outside the front of the vehicle
  • allow yourself sufficient time to return to your vehicle before your parking expires.

Parking signs

The following are some of the most common parking signs found throughout the City of Joondalup.

No Stopping
Vehicles are not permitted to stop unless traffic conditions require it (eg. in a queue of traffic). It can also be identified as a solid yellow line on the road surface adjacent to, and parallel with, the kerb.
No Parking
Maximum permitted parking time is two minutes to set down/pick up passengers/goods. Driver must remain within three metres from the vehicle.
Ticket Parking
A ticket is required to be purchased, from the parking ticket machine in that area, and displayed. The ticket is only valid in the area it was purchased. Ensure you also comply with any instructions (eg. time limits 1P = 1 hour maximum) on the sign, ticket or parking ticket machine.
Time Limited Parking
The maximum permissible period of parking time (eg. 2P = 2 hours maximum, 1/2P = 30 minutes maximum, etc.) is displayed on the sign. The vehicle must be moved away from the area after the expiry of the maximum parking time.
Multi Use Zone
Multiple signs will identify different restrictions, or conditions, that apply at different times of the day or night. Each section of the sign must be read in conjunction with the other sections. The applicable hours of operation for each purpose will be shown on the signs.