Road safety strategy

The City’s Road Safety Action Plan 2016-2020 aligns with the National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 and Western Australia’s Towards Zero – Road Safety Strategy 2008-2020.

The national and State strategies adopt the safe system approach which is a holistic approach to road safety.  There are four key cornerstones that reflect the safe system approach and are:

  • safe road use
  • safe roads and roadsides
  • safe speeds
  • safe vehicles.

The four cornerstones adopts the approach that we all have a shared responsibility in being safe on the roads.

The City’s Road Safety Action Plan has also adopted the four cornerstones and the key focus areas within the plan provides the basis for the City’s approach to road safety.

More information can be provided on the safe systems approach to road safety or the City’s Road Safety Action Plan by contacting the City.