Saving water

Everyone can do their bit to reduce water use in the home and garden to minimise environmental impacts. Follow these simple tips to save water in your home and garden:

  • Turn taps off tightly so they don’t drip
  • Fix leaking toilets, taps and showerheads
  • Install waterwise showerheads, mixer basin taps and dual flush toilets
  • Install flow restrictors in taps
  • Keep showers to four minutes or less
  • Choose local native plants that are adapted your garden’s soil type and climate
  • Add mulch to your garden to reduce water loss through evaporation from the soil surface
  • Greywater and rainwater are sustainable water sources that can be used to substitute scheme and ground (bore) water. Find out about installing a greywater system and rainwater tanks
  • Consider drip irrigation systems which deliver water directly to the root systems so there is minimal water loss
  • Use of a swimming pool cover reduces evaporation by up to 97 per cent and helps keep your pool warmer and cleaner.

The State Government enforces restrictions for garden irrigation. Remember to stick to your designated watering days and don’t forget the Winter Sprinkler Ban is in force from 1 June to 31 August.

Waterwise programs

For further information on saving water in the home and garden including waterwise plants, waterwise specialists and waterwise offers visit the Water Corporation. If you are a business, developer or commercial office consider participating in one of Water Corporation’s Waterwise programs.