School road safety

Teaching children how to be safe crossing the road, riding their bicycle and moving around during busy times at school is just as important as their school education.

One of the most common issues affecting schools and general pedestrian safety, can be vehicle congestion and illegal parking.

The City will meet with Principals and Parent and Citizens Committee members to discuss road safety concerns affecting the school.

Schools can also form a School Road Safety Committee to discuss or resolve issues with guidance from the WALGA Roadwise Program.

The City encourages schools to use the materials produced by the School Drug Education and Road Aware Program (SDERA).

To get a ‘real life’ experience of road safety in a safe environment, the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation opened their Safety School aimed at 4-11 year olds. It has a realistic layout of Perth’s streets and can provide a real time experience to learn vital pedestrian, bike and public transport safety skills. It also uses augmented reality as part of this experience.

Schools can take advantage of this experience and bookings can be made online at the Constable Care website.