Short-term accommodation

Short-term accommodation is defined under the City’s Local Planning Scheme No. 3 (LPS3) as:

“Temporary accommodation provided either continuously or from time to time with no guest accommodated for periods totalling more than 3 months in any 12 month period.”

Under LPS3, there are a number of different Short-Term Accommodation types including:

  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Holiday house
  • Holiday accommodation
  • Serviced apartments.

The different types of Short-Term Accommodation are summarised below:

Bed and Breakfast

A Bed and Breakfast is a dwelling that provides short-term accommodation, and can include breakfast, to no more than four adults or one family. Bed and Breakfasts can utilise no more than two bedrooms.

The land owner resides at the premises while operating the Bed and Breakfast.

Holiday house

A Holiday House is a single dwelling on a lot that provides short-term accommodation, but does not include a bed and breakfast.

The land owner does not reside at the dwelling that is being used as a Holiday House.

Holiday accommodation

Holiday Accommodation is two or more dwellings on one lot used to provide short-term accommodation for persons other than the owner of the lot.

The land owner does not reside at a dwelling that is being used as Holiday Accommodation.

Serviced apartments

Serviced Apartments are generally a group of units or apartments that provide self-contained short-stay accommodation and associated reception or recreational facilities.

Planning requirements

Development (planning) approval is required for short-term accommodation.

The planning requirements for Bed and Breakfast, Holiday House, Holiday Accommodation and Serviced Apartments are outlined in the Short Term Accommodation Policy.

Bed and Breakfasts can be considered in all zones with the exception of the ‘Service Commercial’ and ‘Light Industry’ zones.

A Holiday House or Holiday Accommodation can only be considered in the ‘Residential’, ‘Mixed Use’, ‘Commercial’, and the ‘Private Community Purposes’ zones.

Serviced Apartments can only be considered in the ‘Commercial’, ‘Service Commercial’, and the ‘Private Community Purposes’ zones.

The zoning of a property can be found using the City’s Online Maps

For areas that are subject to an activity centre plan or structure plan, please refer to the requirements of the relevant activity centre plan or structure plan.

Applications for short-term accommodation in zones not listed above are unable to be approved.

Environmental Health Requirements

  • Short-term Accommodation is required to be registered as a Lodging House if more than six guests are accommodated.
  • The provision of food (such as offering breakfast) will require registration as a food business.
  • A pool, spa or other water body made available to guests is considered an aquatic facility. Existing domestic pools or spas are unlikely to comply with the Code without modifications.

Building Permit Requirements

A Building Permit application may also be required. To confirm if a building permit application is required, please place your request in writing to the City’s Building Services, outlining what is proposed.