Sister City

Joondalup’s Sister City is Jinan, in the People’s Republic of China. The two Cities formalised a long-standing relationship in September 2004, in a ceremony which was broadcast on Jinan television.

On the 1st November 2005, Council endorsed a long-term plan to assist in guiding the growth and continuity of the Joondalup-Jinan Sister City Relationship, with a focus on developing the relationship through increased economic, social, cultural and environmental exchanges.

In September 2017 a City of Joondalup delegation visited Jinan to discuss the implementation of a number of initiatives and strengthen ties between both Cities and their key stakeholders, including the University of Jinan and Edith Cowan University. Discussions also included advancing opportunities in a measured and sustainable manner to further tourism, education and innovation opportunities, as well as cultural exchanges.

The City’s International Economic Development Activities Plan, which was endorsed in April 2017, will provide the platform for further development of the Sister City Relationship.