Smart Cities

Smart Joondalup

What does SMART mean?

A SMART city uses technology and sensors to collect data, with these insights guiding an organisations decision in order to operate more efficiently and effectively when it comes to managing assets, resources and the natural environment. As the City of Joondalup embraces a new age of technology, collection of data and advanced analytics will be used to inform decision making and better plan for future generations.

SMART isn’t just about using technology. SMART is an approach to how the City aims to deliver services to the community to meet its needs – now and in the future.

As technology evolves, becomes more affordable and appropriate to the City’s requirements, as an organisation the aim is to actively pursue the opportunity to incorporate smart technology into business activities. SMART technology has the capacity to provide data and information to support decision making. This includes how assets, such as buildings and facilities are maintained. It can enhance sustainability through energy efficiency initiatives such as solar panels and LED lighting, and inform strategies in preparation for climate change impacts on the natural environment.

Find out more about the new and innovative ways the City uses technology below: