Smoke Nuisance

Smoke may be a nuisance in urban areas when produced in excessive quantities by impacting on neighbours and having negative health impacts.

The location and operation of solid fuel apparatus used for the purpose of cooking and heating is important so as not to create a smoke nuisance to neighbours.

For information on outdoor cooking and heating apparatus, including barbecues, pizza ovens, chimeneas, fire pits and wood heaters, visit: Outdoor Cooking and Heating Apparatus

For information on smoke from chimneys visit: Smoke from chimneys

For information on burning garden refuse and/or rubbish visit: Burning Garden Refuse and Rubbish


Where City officers are unable to assist, the matter may be resolved by bringing all parties together through mediation. The City’s mediation service is provided free to residents of the City of Joondalup.

For more information please contact the City’s Customer Relations Advocate.