Joondalup Sporting Achievement Grant

Emerging sports stars aged under 18 years or people living with a disability (of any age) selected to represent Western Australia or Australia in their chosen sporting competition can apply for the Joondalup Sporting Achievement grant.

To be eligible for this grant individuals must be:

  • A resident of the City of Joondalup
  • Aged under 18 years or are living with a disability (of any age)
  • Selected by a recognised State Sporting Association or National Sporting Organisation

Funding Amounts

Level of Representation Grant amount ($)
State representation in competition within Western Australia 100.00
State representation in competition outside Western Australia 200.00
National representation in competition (local, interstate or overseas) 300.00

Individuals can not apply for the grant retrospectively. Applications must be submitted prior to the event.

Online Application

Eligible individuals are invited to apply online.

Sports Achievement Grant Application

Online Acquittal

All successful applicants are required to acquit the grant within two months of the competition/event. Successful applicants can complete the acquittal online. Recipients who do not acquit the grant by the due date may be required to reimburse the City of Joondalup.

Sports Achievement Grant Acquittal


For further information please contact the City’s Sport and Recreation team on 9400 4208 or via email.