Business approval requirements

Starting a business will require some type of approval from the City, even for a home-based business.

It is critical to ensure that all approvals are provided prior to signing up to any lease or purchasing a commercial property. The City encourages businesses to seek independent professional legal advice before signing anything. It is not unusual for a business owner to commence operating without the correct approvals in place and this can be a costly mistake – especially if any commercial contracts, such as a lease, have been signed.

Types of approvals you may require

Development (planning) approval may be required:

  • to ensure that the business is consistent with the planning framework and zoning in place for the location. For example, a vehicle panel beating/spray painting business may only be located in very specific areas and would definitely require development (planning) approval
  • if you are proposing external signage or additions
  • building permit may be required for new building, alterations and additions, new fit outs and other structures such as signage.

An environmental health approval may be required depending on the nature of your business. This may include: