Strategic position statements

The City’s Strategic Position Statements provide an agreed position on strategic matters of interest to the City.

The purpose of the statements is to:

  • Provide flexibility for the Council in capitalising on unplanned opportunities for external funding and investment;
  • Guide the development of future strategic planning documents where current gaps may exist.

Since their inception in 2008, strategic position statements are reviewed on a biennial basis where Council considers the retention, amendment or removal of each statement. The review is summarised in the table below:

Review YearCouncil Meeting DateCouncil Reference
2008 - Original Statements15 July 2008CJ120-07/08
2010 - Review20 July 2010CJ121-07/10
2012 - Review26 June 2012CJ109-06/12
2014 - Review19 August 2014CJ132-08/14
2016 - Review19 April 2016CJ055-04/16
2018 - Review17 April 2018CJ061-04/18
2018 - Amendment17 July 2018CJ126-07/18
2020 - Review8 December 2020CJ185-12/20