Subdivision is the division of land into smaller lots and/or amalgamation of several lots into one larger lot.

The potential to subdivide a lot is based on the size of the land and density code (R-Code) that is applied to the land. You can determine the density code and zoning of a property using the City’s Online Maps.

In addition to meeting the lot size requirements, consideration also needs to be given to:

  • The requirements of state planning policies (principally the R-Codes) and development control policies. These requirements are set by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC).
  • The requirements of local planning policies, primarily the Residential Development Local Planning Policy.
  • The shape of the lot and whether or not an existing dwelling is to be retained or removed to facilitate a subdivision.

Application requirements and process

All applications for subdivision (including amalgamation, boundary realignment, strata, survey strata and green title subdivision) are lodged directly to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage. Application forms, fees and further information on the subdivision process can be obtained from the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, including a subdivision process flow chart.

Applications for subdivision are determined by the WAPC.

The City’s role in the subdivision process is to provide the WAPC with a recommendation on a particular subdivision application, and then confirm that any conditions relevant to the Local Government that are applied to an approval have been met by the applicant (known as a subdivision clearance).

Please note that the City is unable to provide advice on the design of a subdivision and cannot advise whether a subdivision proposal is likely to be supported.

Further information

The Subdivision and Subdivision Clearance Application factsheet provides further information on subdivision requirements and the process.

Subdividing or developing in a Housing Opportunity Area is subject to additional requirements. Please refer to Building in a housing opportunity area for further information.

A suitably qualified licensed land surveyor, planning or subdivision consultant can assist with providing further advice on subdividing your property.