Sunday Serenades online concerts

The City’s popular Sunday Serenades concert series is now available online from the comfort of your own home.

Due to COVID-19 the presentation of the May – September concerts was not possible and all concerts were cancelled during this period. The City is now pleased to be able to offer the community access to filmed performances from Monty Cotton, The Phil Bartlett Duo, Jay Weston and Jerry Salonga

Phil Bartlett Duo – Phil Bartlett and bandmate Kevin Furguson deliver heartfelt performances featuring amazing musicianship and outstanding vocal harmonies. Phil draws imagery and inspiration from his country, heritage and other Indigenous performers including Archie Roach.

Monty Cotton – Monty Cotton returns with the Greatest Hits of Country Music, including songs from the legendary Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, John Denver, Frankie Laine and Lee Kernaghan.

Jay Weston – Jay Weston will take audiences on a trip down memory lane with tributes to Elvis Presley, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and more.

Jerry Salonga – Jerry performs a wide range of song styles, allowing him to cater to audiences of all ages, from big band music of the 1940s, to rock and roll and to current artists like Ed Sheeran.

Access the Sunday Serenades online performances by clicking on the button below or visit the City’s YouTube page and selecting the Sunday Serenades playlist.

Click here to view the Sunday Serenades online performances

Please note the October, November and December Sunday Serenades concerts are currently scheduled to take place as normal in the City’s Civic Chamber however this will be reviewed closer to the October concert and all ticket holders will be notified. For further information on the full Sunday Serenades program visit the Sunday Serenades webpage.