Temporary election signs

An election sign is a temporary sign which encourages persons to vote for a candidate, political party, referenda or matter relating to any federal, state or local government election.

Election signs in road reserves

An application is required to place temporary election signs in the City’s road reserves and signs cannot be installed more than 37 days prior to the election or referenda the sign relates to (the closing date for nominations in local government elections).

A separate application is to be lodged for signs to be installed in the road reserve for each election, which is to include a non-refundable fee of $30.00 for each application.

Temporary Advertising Sign stickers will be supplied by the City once the application is approved.

Any person or candidate that does not receive approval from the City, and proceeds to erect signs, will have their signs removed and an infringement may be issued.

Applications can be made using the on-line application form, or by using the hardcopy form supplied below.

Election signs on private property

The following is a guide in respect to the placement of election signs on private property:

  • An election sign may be erected on private property, with the approval of the owner prior to the erection of the sign.
  • An election sign, no larger than 0.75 square metres in area per property, may be erected on private property with the exception of a corner property which may display one sign facing each thoroughfare of the corner.
  • Election signs should be erected no more than 37 days prior to the election and should be removed as soon as possible after the election to which it relates.

Further information can be obtained in the Fact Sheet below.