Voting in local government elections

The City’s elections are conducted as postal elections that are run by the Western Australian Electoral Commission.

Election packages are posted to all electors on the electoral rolls used for the election, approximately three weeks before election day. Each person enrolled to vote on the City’s electoral roll will be issued a ballot package by mail which will provide details and instructions on how to vote.

Depending upon the lodgement timeframe of City of Joondalup ballot packages with Australia Post, it is anticipated that electors could start receiving their packages as early as Friday 27 September 2019. There is no certainty as to when electors will receive their ballot packages, and electors in the same household may receive their ballot packages on different days. However all packages are anticipated to be received by electors by Friday 4 October 2019.

Completed packages must be received by the Western Australian Electoral Commission by 6.00pm on election day (19 October 2019). Ballot packages can also be hand delivered to the electoral officer at the City of Joondalup Administration Building, Boas Avenue, Joondalup, during business hours before election day.