Wanneroo Road and Joondalup Drive interchange construction works

The upgrade of the Wanneroo Road and Joondalup Drive intersection is being undertaken by Main Roads WA. The upgrade will modify the intersection from a four-way signalised intersection to a free flowing interchange.

Fact sheets providing updates on the progress of the project for each stage is available from Main Roads. Any enquiries please contact Main Roads WA on 138 138.

Progress of works

Stage one

To view the most up to date developments regarding stage one of the Wanneroo Road and Joondalup Drive intersection, click here.

  • The construction of the bridge which includes the preparation of a temporary roundabout at the Joondalup Drive/Wanneroo Road intersection
  • Works will commence at the Joondalup Drive/Burns Beach roundabout. Barriers will be installed on the northern side to prepare for the construction of a new slip lane
  • Power lines will be relocated underground at the intersection.

Stage two

  • Barriers will be removed to direct traffic through a temporary roundabout
  • Barriers will be relocated to the middle of Joondalup Drive to enable construction of ramps to the new bridge over Wanneroo Road.
  • Bridge construction commences
  • Works will continue at the roundabout of Joondalup Drive/Burns Beach Road.

What do road users need to do?

  • Be aware of changing traffic conditions
  • Follow the signage and speed limits
  • Watch out for people and heavy machinery working in the area
  • Be aware of the new barriers installed on the roads as well as minor line marking changes
  • Go to transperth.wa.gov.au for more information on the bus stop changes.

Pedestrian and cycle access

Before the fences and barriers are installed, some pedestrian paths will need to be diverted.

The path along Joondalup Drive, east of Wanneroo Road, will be closed after Wednesday 28 November 2018 from Wanneroo Road to St Stephens Crescent. Pedestrians are advised to divert via Clarkson Avenue and St Stephens Crescent using the footpath. Other streets in this area will be open, however they do not incorporate off-road footpaths.

Road users and local residents are asked to be aware of pedestrians and cyclists, and take care in the area while path diversions are in place.

What do pedestrians and cyclists need to do?

  • Be aware of pedestrian and cycle path diversions
  • Follow the diversion signage
  • Watch out for traffic when crossing and using the roads.

What do local residents and road users need to do?

  • Look out for pedestrians and cyclists at all times
  • Slow down when passing cyclists
  • Take extra care when existing and entering driveways.

How long will the works take?

  • The barriers and pedestrian/cycle diversions will remain in place until the first stage of works is complete, which will be approximately end April 2019.
  • The Wanneroo Road and Joondalup Drive Interchange Project is due for completion in early 2020.

For further information visit the Main Roads WA website.