Waste Services during COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Waste collection is considered an essential service and so will continue throughout the period of COVID-19. The City is working closely with service providers to ensure waste collections continue in a safe and efficient manner.

Maintaining good waste and recycling habits is critical to avoid disruptions to waste management systems.

Will my bins be collected as usual?

Waste services are continuing to operate. Your general waste, recycling and green waste bin collection days will not change. The bulk green waste verge collection schedule will continue as normal.

Your days/dates and other general information about the City’s waste services can be found online.

Will there be changes to the time my bin is emptied?

Waste collection may occur earlier than usual on your collection day. This is to minimise the risks of community transmission of COVID-19 amongst frontline waste collection staff.

Collections can commence from 5.00am and continue until all collections are completed. Please ensure your bins are presented by 5.00am and remain on the verge until emptied.

We know that earlier collection times are not ideal, although we appreciate your understanding and compassion for the people who manage our waste. We will get back to our regular collection times as soon as possible. In the meantime, please remember to place your bin out the night before collection.

Is it safe to touch my bin?

The City encourages you to place the bins out for collection as you normally do, whilst taking care to maintain good personal hygiene. Wash your hands before and after taking the bin out as washing your hands remains the best action against transferring the virus.

Bins are picked up using the automatic lift arms and are designed to minimise any human contact.

Are bins at City facilities, parks and other public places still being emptied?

Whilst the City has closed all hireable community facilities, the decision did not affect other outdoor venues such as parks, tennis courts, beaches etc.  Bins in parks, public places and City facilities are being emptied as normal at this stage.

Collections in parks and reserves will be handled by operators with the appropriate personal protective equipment.

If you see our operators in parks and reserves remember to maintain a safe social distance of at least 1.5 metres. A friendly wave is still welcome.

Will there be weekly recycling and green waste collections as more people are staying at home ?

Fortnightly collections will continue as the added cost and limited availability of suitable collection vehicles prevent the change of fortnightly to weekly collections.

Conservative cost estimates indicate an increase in operating expenditure of up to $2million per year to provide weekly recycling collections alone. This equates to approximately $167k additional cost for every month that COVID-19 restrictions continue.

The added cost comes at a time when the City is looking at every way possible to minimise the financial impact of COVID-19 to households. While convenient for some, it would not be prudent to implement additional collections at this time.

My bin is full and there are days until my next collection. What can I do ?

The City now offers an additional collection for $25.00 per bin.  Further information is online.

My recycling bin is full now I am at home. What can I do ?

The City would suggest if your recycling bin is full:

  • Request a free larger 360ltr recycling bin online if you have not already done so.
  • Keeping the required social distance from your neighbour, speak to them to see if they have room in their recycling bin for your extra items during this short period.
  • Flatten boxes and cartons to assist in gaining extra space in the bin.
  • Transport excess cardboard, paper, aluminium and glass to one of the local drop-off facilities still open at Tamala Park and Recycling Centre Balcatta.
  • Keep dry recyclables in a box in the garage until the next collection. Ensure only good clean recyclable items are placed in the bin.
  • Non-recyclable items make up about 15% of the average recycle bin.
  • Utilise the containers for change program and cash in your cans and bottles.

I have been unwell and did not put my bin out for collection, what can I do?

Call the City’s waste contractor on 9350 7196 and request the bin to be emptied.

If you have been suffering from COVID-19 symptoms, please double bag your waste tissues etc and place them in your general waste bin.

Are bulk green waste verge collections changing?

There are no changes to this service. The bulk green waste verge collection will continue as per schedule.

Check your collection date.

What can I put out for bulk green waste collection?

All greens waste must be place loose on the verge with no use of boxes, bags or containers.

Acceptable items are:

  • Garden prunings
  • Tree loppings (less than 1.5m in length)
  • Palm leaves
  • Tree limbs, branches, small logs (1.5m in length).Note: Branches more than 150mm in diameter must be cut into 300mm lengths.
  • Ensure your bulk green waste is not placed on your verge until 10 days prior to your collection date.
  • For further information online.

Can I still drop off green waste?

*Please be advised that if there is a lockdown in place the Wangara Greens facility does not open.

Yes, the Wangara Greens Recycling Facility is still open on weekends and public holidays. Ensure you have your valid green waste tipping voucher with you when attending the site otherwise fees will apply.

Garden services and tree loppers will need to pay a tipping fee when using this facility.

Can I still get free mulch?

Yes, you can pick up your free mulch, using your mulch vouchers (found in your waste guide), from Wangara Greens Recycling Facility. Mulch can be collected in trailers or utes, which must be covered by tarpaulins and secured with rope.

Please ensure you have your valid mulch voucher with you when attending the site otherwise fees will apply.

Additional mulch can be purchased from the facility.

Can I still book a skip bin or lounge suite collection?

Yes, skips can still be booked on an on-request basis. Residents can request one 3 cubic metre skip OR lounge suite collection per financial year.

Due to increasing demand, additional weeklong skips have been added to the service, you can choose from a

  • Weekday skip which will remain on site for two nights and one day. Tuesday deliveries will be collected Thursday and Wednesday deliveries will be collected Friday.
  • Weekend skips remain on site for five nights and four days; Thursday deliveries will be collected Tuesday; Friday deliveries will be collected Wednesday.
  • Week-long skips will be delivered on Monday and collected the following Monday.

To ensure you receive your bulk hard waste allocation in the 2021/22 financial year bookings must be made by Thursday 30 June 2022 and services used by 31 July 2022. Services booked in July 2022 will come out of the 2022/23 bulk hard waste allowances.

An additional skip bin is available for a reduced rate.

Book this service online or call 9449 3363.

Can I still get whitegoods collected?

Yes, the on demand whitegoods collection service is available. Residents can request one white good collection of up to 4 items.

All white goods must be out on the verge by 7.00am on the day of collection. The collection day coincides with waste collection days.

Please note the white goods must be picked up in one collection. Once a collection has been made from a property the quota for that financial year is used.

Book a whitegoods collection online or call 9449 3363.

Can I still get a mattress collected?

Yes, the on demand mattress collection service is available. Residents can request one mattress collection of up to 6 items

All mattresses must be out on the verge by 7.00am on the day of collection. The collection day coincides with waste collection days.

Please note the mattress/es must be picked up in one collection. Once a collection has been made from the property the quota for that financial year is used.

Book a mattress collection online or call 9449 3363.

Where can I recycle batteries if the libraries are closed?

Batteries can be recycled at the City’s Administration Building. Tamala Park is accepting Household Hazardous Waste including batteries, paints, solvents, herbicides, pesticides and other household hazardous waste.

Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, Bunnings and Officeworks all have drop off bins for batteries.

Is Tamala Park still open?

*Tamala Park recycling centre is closed during lock downs.

Tamala Park remains open and is accepting household hazardous waste, metal for recycling, cardboard, polystyrene and e-waste.

Tamala Park is to accept household goods for free through the drop off area (for example furniture, bric-a-brac, kitchenware, sporting goods, toys, etc).

Household goods may go over the weighbridge for a fee. If the items are in reasonable condition and you are unable to find a new home for them, rather than dispose of them, we suggest you hold on to them until such time they can be accepted or find an alternative method of disposal, for example payitforwardaustralia.net

For further information for Tamala visit the Mindarie Regional Councils website.

My bin is broken how can I get it fixed?

For damaged, lost or stolen bins visit the City’s website or call 9400 4255.

Where can I take Household Hazardous Waste?

Tamala Park is still currently receiving Household Hazardous Waste.

Where can I drop off unwanted clothing and textiles?

The City’s Charity partners have had to vary their services during this pandemic.

  • Anglicare  1300 114 446
  • Salvo’s  13 72 58
  • Vinnies 6323 7500

Where can I drop off e-waste?

Tamala Park is still currently receiving e-waste.