Working with WA Police

The City works closely with a range of WA Police units through a number of local areas and programs.

Key areas of cooperation between the Police and City include:

Targeted community patrolling and response

City staff and Police meet regularly to share information about criminal and suspicious activity in local areas. City Rangers can provide targeted patrols to assist WA Police.

CCTV in public areas

The City operates CCTV systems in some local parks and in the Joondalup City Centre and cooperates with the WA Police by:

  • Targeting CCTV cameras on locations in public space where suspicious or criminal activity is reportedly occurring and reporting incidents as they are seen
  • Providing approved copies of recorded CCTV images when requested by Police to support their investigation

Graffiti control

The City provides location and graffiti tag details and photos to the WA Police for all reported graffiti, through the Goodbye Graffiti database. Police can then investigate graffiti incidents and identify offenders.

Hoon vehicles

The City forwards reports from the local community about speeding and hoon activity to the WA Police. You can report hoon vehicle activity directly to the Police.

Emergency management

The City works closely with the WA Police and other agencies to plan for emergencies through the Local and District Emergency Management Committees.

Joondalup Liquor Accord

The City participates in the Joondalup Liquor Accord initiative led by Joondalup Police. The Accord brings together local licensed premises operators, the WA Police, the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor and other agencies to encourage the responsible service of alcohol and promote harm minimisation strategies at and around local pubs and clubs.

What to report to the WA Police

The Police rely on reports from the community about where crime and suspicious activity are occurring. Police patrols are most often targeted in line with reports from the public and the Police can only respond and assist where they are given reasonable detail about the nature and timing of an incident or ongoing issue. Get more information about how to report things to the WA Police at the contacts page of their website.

The City’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan outlines a range of strategies through which the City cooperates with the WA Police on deterring crime, delivering programs and raising awareness about community safety and crime related issues.