Listen up!


Staff at Joondalup Libraries know you are a busy person. When you get some time to relax, get out and about or exercise, you want to download an audiobook without waiting in queues.

We are pleased to announce that BorrowBox will now feature free, new titles each month that are available immediately and simultaneously to you and all your friends. Each month will feature another 4 titles which can range from adult fiction and nonfiction to junior fiction titles. These titles are chosen for their broad appeal and popularity.

Audiobooks from BorrowBox are accessible on your mobile device using the free BorrowBox app or can be transferred from your PC to a mp3 player. If you’re not a library member, join now.

How about starting your own audiobook book club between you and your friends?

About BorrowBox and audiobooks

In this busy world of ten-second grabs and predictive text are we losing our ability to listen, simply listen? Or worse – is it that we just can’t hear for all the noise? Audiobooks from BorrowBox are an invitation to the pleasures of storytelling. Switch them on and switch off, let your ears get carried away by bards of the digital age.

Audiobooks are journeys in themselves. They transport you from wherever you are to wild and wonderful places – places that may shock and surprise, and places that exist only in the imagination. An audiobook is a ticket to suspend belief, a licence to daydream, a passport to the unreal. Audiobooks can carry you away and you can take them anywhere.