Little Ben artwork installed at Penistone Park


6 April 2018

London is home to Big Ben. Greenwood is now home to its little brother, courtesy of artist Phil Gamblen.

The artwork was installed adjacent to Penistone Park Community Sporting Facility last month as part of the City’s upgrade of the facility.

Little Ben is a conceptual artwork with a playful sound component.

The artwork chimes the Westminster Chimes quarterly, and also marks the hour.

The bells have been replaced by metal rubbish bins and buckets, which play the Westminster Chimes ‘tune’ with a deep, resonant and somewhat humorous sounding “chime”.

As the ‘tune’ is made by solenoid mechanisms that strike the bottom of the bins, the sound is reminiscent of someone putting dustbins out, or banging and clanging on galvanised metal buckets.

Originally designed to chime on the hour, the artist has adapted the artwork and it now chimes between 9.00am and 5.00pm only.